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Handcrafted Plectrums made from Exotic Timbers , Shells and Stones. Each plectrum is hand made with close attention to feel with slight off set and recurve , Timber Plectrums That add a different tonal quality to the strummed string, as plastic omits a clicking sound.

      Ebony - Cocobolo- buffalo Horn -Mother of Pearl - Opal - Paua Abalone - Carbon - Titanium 

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Gift Boxed Mother of Pearl @ Paua Abolone Plectrums , Hand Crafted and Highly Polished

RRP $25.00

Cocobolo Picks $8.00 each

Ebony : $8.00 each

Buffolo Horn : $7.00 each

Rosewood : $8.00 each

blackwood :$6.00 each

Mother of Pearl : $20.00 each

Mother of Pearl :  Gift Boxed $20.00 each

Paua Abolone : $20.00 each

Paua Abolone : gift Boxed $25.00 each