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Professional Vintage Guitar Restoration Center

Specializing in Professional Quality Guitar  Repairs & Setups with High Quality, Vintage & Rare Instruments, Accurate fret level Re Crowning service - using Guitar Neck jig. This Process allows for accurate positioning of the guitar neck that simulates string tension for the most accurate fret leveling and Re-Fret  work. all work carried out in the simulated playing position. Repairing Broken Necks , Dents and scratch repairs ,Full Re-sprays and full restorations with traditional transparent and solid colors in Nitrocellulose. O’Donnell Custom Guitars Have Been Crafting High Quality Guitars for almost 2 decades, with the reputation in the service of instruments with Guitar Collectors from around the world ,Major Artists and Quality Music Stores. Utilizing Professional Luthier Tools machinery and a wealth of Knowledge and experience.

Our Service Department Houses all the Professional Luthiers tools and equipment to cover any repair by experienced Luthiers who know how an instrument must play and feel. All work is guaranteed .

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Fine Quality Instrument repairs & Restorations